The mission is to transform education in Refugee Camp, right now.

Using digital technologies to support educational change across Eritrea Refugee . Make educational and research books, papers, datasets and eLearning materials available at community libraries, even in places with no internet access or reliable electricity. 

Today’s students, who will play such a key role in the economic, social and political future of Eritrean Refugees, are struggling to gain a relevant education in institutions that lack the tools they need to deliver a strong learning environment. The projects deliver quick, effective solutions to this problem.

Believing that improved access to resources in education will transform minds and opportunities, powering tolerance and enabling more fulfilling lives. Al DIaa can be a driver of change right across Eritrean Refugees. The aim to strengthen school and community libraries across the whole community so young people can benefit from the opportunities digital technologies bring wherever they study. 

By providing access to the world-class educational materials at schools and community libraries through local hosting and content delivery networks to help people of all ages to gain an education and make a real change to their life chances.